Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter in Review

This was YY's very first Easter.  I remembered to use the video camera, but somehow I forgot to use the camera.  :)

On the days leading up to Easter, I read a book to the little man, called "The First Easter."  I liked it.  It was simple, easy to read (other than a few names I couldn't pronounce), and had pictures to go along with it, so as YY gets bigger he should be able to follow it easier.

The Easter bunny came.  YY got a basket with a couple onesies (Sesame Street and Curious George), bubbles (perfect for this summer), lotion, and some yummies for when he gets bigger.

We started the morning by checking out what that good 'ol rabbit brought for YY; you could see how thrilled he was in his face.  His look was, "You nuts woke me up for this?!"  As soon as we finished that, we hopped in the vehicle, and headed to church (started at 6:30 AM). 

After eating a hardy breakfast at church, we spent the rest of the beautiful day with family.  While the kids weren't paying attention, I hid the eggs outside.  By the time I got done hiding them, the monkeys were eagerly waiting at the door with their grocery sacks.  My sibli ng kept the kids corraled at the door while I got a new diaper and doggy coat on the lil man.  Long story short, everyone our way had an enjoyable day.  We celebrated the resurrection and love of our Lord and the beautiful day bestowed upon us.

I decided to upload some Easter goodies.  I helped my mom make her deviled eggs (best in the world).  We tried to make some of them take on a crackled egg shell effect, but since it didn't work we just made them all solid colors (peel, mix food coloring into cold water, let the eggs sit in the colored water until they are the tint that you want.

Peanut butter cookie, Oreo, Brownie

Moutain Dew cake with Mountain Dew buttercream frosting (next time I'm using my own recipe rather than the one I found on Pinterest, frosting was okay but cake was dense)

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