Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday Update

Well, it is Super Bowl Sunday.  No big plans here except that we are going to a friend's house to watch the game.  Correction, M will watch the game.  I will watch the commercials, and play with the kids and visit with the other wife.  I have something WONDERFUL in the oven that a dear friend (we will call her "C") of mine taught me to make... pie, using lard for the crust.  This one is a cherry pie, with cherries from M's dad's cherry tree.
C is a great lady!  She is 60-some years old, with a spirit of somebody much younger than that.  Our friendship started with I asked Dad (during my second year of college) if I could go with him to her house on a Saturday night.  He brought me along, and we conversed with C, her husband, and some other guests.  It started to become a tradition for me to go with Dad to C's house on the Saturday nights that I was home, which was most of them.  We talked about everything from politics to religion, something they always say you should never talk about with other people.  
That summer I spent at home because I was done at one college and going to transfer to another that fall.  I started to go to C's house without even going with Dad, and I then started to go over to her house on weeknights as well as Saturday nights.  We had a ball!  It was a great comfort to have somebody (a friend) to talk to and easily go and visit (C lives not far from my parents), especially since my best friend lived so far away from where I was.  I think it was a night in June when two guys showed up at C's house.  One of those guys was my future husband, M.  We stayed late at C's house, all of us conversing and having a good time; we were just enjoying each others company.  Before we all left, M and his friend exchanged numbers with me.  (Over the next year, M and I sent a text or two to each other every now and then, and well... I think you can figure out the rest of the story there.)  When fall came, I started back to my new school, but I continued to come home most weekends.  When I did, I would stop and visit with C.
C giving her speech. NOTE TO THOSE THAT HEARD IT, we have lots of IOU's. (lol)
C became a very important person in my life (and M's), and I wouldn't give our friendship up for all the gold in the world.  She is so important to M and I that we had her in our wedding as the personal attendant, and we even asked her to give one of the speeches at our wedding reception simply because she knows us both so well.  We admire her fun-loving personality, her humor, and just the kind of person she is.  M an I are thankful that we know C and her husband because if it hadn't been for them we never would've met.  We love you C!

A lil extra info about C and her husband
M and I posing with the potato fork.
For my wedding gift, C decided to teach me how to make pie from scratch with lard (something I've always wanted to learn), but in order to learn I had to have all the right stuff, so one night she told M and I that she was going to get me everything I needed to make a pie (pie plate, rolling pin, etc.).  She didn't give me a new rolling pin, she gave me the rolling pin that she and her husband got as a wedding gift 40 or so years ago.  That meant a lot to me, and I will never give the rolling pin away, unless I'm on my death bed and giving it to somebody special.
When she told me about all the stuff she was going to give me, she asked her husband, "Well, what are you going to give M for a wedding gift?"  Her husband being the joker that he is replied, "Well, all he's going to need is a fork so that he can eat the pie."
The day that C was teaching my oldest sister and I how to make pie, we discussed exactly what kind of fork they needed to get M, and we all agreed that he needed a BIG fork.  Right before the wedding reception started, C and her husband gave M his fork, an old potato fork, and they wrote a note saying "Is this a big enough fork for you?"  We all had a great laugh over that one.