Wednesday, October 26, 2011

8 1/2 Weeks and Counting

Well, there are 8 1/2 weeks until Christmas, which means there are 8 1/2 weeks until our little bundle of joy (our nicknames: Gossamer and Cousin It) is scheduled to arrive.  My oldest sister doesn't like to be reminded of how much time she has to get ready for Christmas.  I find that amusing, so being the ornery little sister that I am I never let her forget how much time is left.

Between my job, becoming a mommy, and publishing my in home baking business that I sort of started last winter (before I found a job), I will always have something to keep me on my toes.  That's okay though because I am up for the challenge!  I like my job (it seems that not everybody can say that about their job), I love my unborn baby, and I love baking!

Speaking of Christmas... have you started with your gift list yet?  I started months ago.  I am feeling very challenged because we are trying to make all of our gifts or give people something we already have that we no longer want/need.  We're poor, homemade gifts are more personable, and well... I just love making stuff.  I am even making a Christmas present for Gossamer, just in case he/she (we aren't finding out the gender) arrives by Christmas.  I sure hope Santa has something planned, just in case.  I made Gossamer a book; I made one for a niece a couple years ago on the computer, but by the time I figured up all my costs in the end it was $60.  This time, I am hand drawing everything myself, which is something I'm not very good at.  This book has the alphabet, colors, numbers, and a few of the basic shapes.  I put them in plastic sheet covers, which I already had from college, and put them in a three-ring binder, which I also already had from college.  I even colored in all of the pictures with crayons.  You can see pictures of a few pages below (notice that they aren't just any kind of mice, they're blind ones).  I thought it was important to have things that our child would be able to relate to, such as fairytales, things they'll see on the farm, songs we'll listen to, etc.