Monday, August 30, 2010

The short story of M and A

M and I are a couple of "crazy cats" living in rural Iowa.  M is 30, and I am 22.  I have three sisters, and he has one half brother, one half sister, one step sister, and two full sisters.  Between the two of us we have 10 wonderful nieces and nephews whom we love deeply and no children of our own.  We also have 5 parents total whom love us very much.

Our relationship started August 15, 2009, and we got engaged exactly two months later (10/15/2009).  It was a Thursday evening, M and I were talking on the phone (because I was 1.5 hours away at college).  M called and my dad for permission to marry me.  He called immediately and popped the question.  In my eyes it was the perfect proposal.  :)

M started building our home about the end of July last year, and we are just moving into this this week.  We only have concrete floors in our house, curtains to doors inside the house, and no trim but it is livable and that's all that matters to us.

Between building our house/shop, the wedding, and me finishing college it has been a crazy year but well worth it.

We don't have internet at our house, and we probably won't for a while.  If we need the internet real quick for something we will have to survive using my parent's dial-up or his dad and step-mom's high speed.  Basically, until we have internet of our own we won't be on here for very long.


"M" and I ("A") are getting this Saturday (September 4, 2010) at my parent's farm in Creston, Iowa.  We, along with our family and close friend, will be releasing balloons after our ceremony, rather than blowing bubbles or anything like that.  If you found one of our balloons that we release, this is where we would like you to comment at.  Please let us know the date and location in which you found the balloon.  If we get time, we would like to assign each balloon a number and assign that number to an individual guest, so if you see a number on it (Example: #5) please give us the number that corrisponds with the balloon that you found.  We are curious to see just how far the balloons will travel before popping.  Thank you for your cooperation.