Wednesday, January 9, 2013

We're going to Ireland!!!

That's ride, I said we are going to Ireland, but not for at least another 15 years.  I found an idea on Pinterest a while ago, and I thought it was a great idea.  The couple of another blog decided that every time they are intimate, they put $1 in a show box that they keep under their bed, never counting it, and for their 40th anniversary (or something like that) they were going to use the money in the shoe box for a trip together.  One night last week, M and I were watching a movie filmed in Ireland and both of us mentioned out it would be nice to go there.  M would also like to go to Sweden, and I would like to tour WWII stuff, particularly a former concentration (I like history).  I mentioned to him the idea that I saw on a blog, so we decided to do something similar to what the other couple was doing.  We picked an activity to do together (examples: eating breakfast, going for a walk, date night), and picked what to put our money in; one could use a shoe box, ice cream bucket, piggy bank, wooden box, etc.  It doesn't matter what you use as long as it's super glued, duct taped, or nailed shut so that you can't get into it to count how much money you have in there; the amount of money that's in there isn't the point, it's the time you spend together that is important.  We picked our hiding place for our designated container, which could be a safe, in a cupboard, or even in a hole in the ground.  We wrote the start date on the container, and when we plan to open it to count the money for the very first time, which we decided 15 years.  Then, we talked about how much money we are going to put into our container eve rytime we particiapte in our activity together; the couple who gave me the idea to begin put in $1, but we decided to put in random amounts.  So it could be $50, $1, or just some pocket change.  If we have enough money in 15 years, we will plan a trip to Ireland, but if we don't, we will either go somewhere different or put the money back and keep saving.

So, you may be wondering how I'm doing with the whole "diet" and "growth" thing.  Well, it is a work in progress, but I feel that it is very manageable.  I just stopped typing so I could take a moment to step on my non-digital scale; something seems weird.  (I'm just going to put this out there, but I know I won't be able to take it back) It says that I weigh 200 pounds (with my clothes on), but I weighed 220 when I was 40 weeks pregnant; you may recall that I want to lose at least those 20 pounds slowly.  I weighed myself like two days ago and it said 218, but now it reads 200.  There is no way I lost 18 pounds in two days!  The next to last time I stepped on the scale (weeks ago) it was weighing 80 pounds more than it should, I found out that the scale could be reset to 0 so that's what I did, and I weighed 220.  Anyways, I am trying not so snack but we have some Cheez-It's that I've snacked on a little.  I got a little off track over the weekend because we were busy, and I really didn't even eat much.

As far as growth goes, I have finally finished Genesis.  I'm trying to make some time on the weekend, preferably on Sunday, to spend some time reading the Bible.  I will admit that when I come across a list of somebody's ancestors, I just skip it, because I have found that it only confuses me, not to mention the fact that I can't even pronounce most of the names.  I have somebody who is going to help me keep myself on track with reading, which is good.

On the morning show New Years Day, that "expert" I previously mentioned that you should make a list of things you are thankful for each day because if you do it every day there will eventually be less stress in your life.  I may not do this every day, but here is my list of what I am grateful for today:
  • Sharing the day with my monkey and dad
  • Dad (he is a pretty good guy)
  • That I am lucky to be able to take a vacation day to go with Dad to sell cattle
  • I love my boys (M & YY)
  • Smelling like cattle because it feels like home (I know, I'm weird but I don't care)
I said "weird" so I now have to share with you something that was said the other night.  I was acting like myself the other night and M says to me, "You're kinda weird.  You know that?"  I grabbed him, acted like I was mad and said, "What did you say?  I am NOT 'kinda' weird, okay?  I AM weird!"  Did I make you smile?

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