Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The "E" and "M" words

The nasty little "E" word that I'm talking about is "execrise!"

I hate exercise!  Of course, if I exercised on a regular babis, I probably wouldn't look the way I do.

Today, I got my exercise though.  I didn't go on a jog or walk through the snow.  I didn't play the Wii.  I exercised and cleaned at the same time.  Have I ever mentioned that I hate cleaning?  But this wasn't just a little dusting here, a little dusting there type of cleaning.  I dusted, organized, and started taking my lovely picture frames, that I spent so much time arranging on my wall into a callage, off of my wall as well as other wonderful items I enjoy displaying on my wall.  Normally, I wouldn't even dust, and I sure as heck wouldn't take my "pretties" off my walls without good reason.  I have a good reason ("M") word... our family is moving!

We are so excited to move.  M built our house himself, and he started building it before we started dating.  It is what I like to call "a bachelor's dream."  It is a wonderful house, and we will both miss it.  Afterall, this is where we first started our life together and where YY took his first steps, but we are a growing family.  Once we have a second child, we will be completely out of room.  Therefore, we are buying a few acres of a loved ones farm.  It includes the barn and lot for future 4-H livestock, lots of grass, great neighbors, and a house that is falling apart.  Between damage from bad weather, age (it was built in 1890), and the coons living in a hole in the room, the house is going to need a lot of work, but with a little time and help from loved ones, we will get 'er fixed up and looking great!  We just have to sell our house first.

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