Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Guilty as charged

Like the title says, I am guilty as charged.  The last couple of days I cracked!

We had some cottage cheese in the fridge, but not just any kind of cottage cheese.  It was my FAVORITE brand of cottage cheese.  A brand that can't be found at every store.  It can only be found at one store because it is a store brand.  Let me tell you, it is YUMMY!  What is yummy with cottage cheese?  Cheddar cheese, pears, and chips... BBQ CHIPS are best!  Unfortunately, we didn't have BBQ chips, only plain 'ol potato chips; that is the second best option for the cottage cheese and chips combo.  Anywho, I endulged... until I ran out of chips.  Luckily, we were about out of chips.  Is it normal to want to endulge like this?  This is the reason I don't keep cottage cheese and/or chips on hand all the tiem.  I need more self-control, BUT since I'm not out of both cottage cheese and chips I won't be eating either one for a while.  Perhaps if I got myself trained to drink my bottle of water throughout the day more, then I wouldn't come home from work "starving."  I have been sipping on it a little bit at work, but I don't drink it much until evening.  Well, I guess this is part of keeping myself held accountable.

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