Monday, July 30, 2012


Yeah, I've been needing to make an update.

Things are going as good as they can over this way.  The drought (and heat) is really hurting the farmers.  We try to keep my flowers and our few vegetable plants watered, but we are more concerned about the crop.  One field of corn (not ours) is entirely brown, which isn't normal for this time of year.  M thinks we may be starting to harvest a little in a month because one of the fields is turning.  We have ears of corn growing out of the tassels of the corn stalk (very top of the plant), and on those stalks, there are no other ears of corn on it; this is not normal either.  We desperately need more rain.

In June, we got a new feline friend.  His name is Taz.  He is very calm and loving.  He reminds us a lot of Glycerin, which is nice.  He will sit on the top of M's head, similar to what Glycerin used to do.

Our lil man is growing like a weed.  He is crawling, teething, and sitting up on his own.  He has been eating solids since he was a month and a half old.  I have made much of his baby food myself, but we have store-bought food as well.  Homemade baby food really helps cut down on the cost, plus you can get more variety.  I plan to do a post just about homemade baby food when I get the time.

Over the weekend, I made another cake with pop.  I made red velvet cake with cola (generic version of Pepsi or Coke).  It was yummy!  I have been wanting to try that store-bought frosting of Duncan Hines, the one where you buy the can of plain frosting and a flavor packet to mix in.  Well I didn't have much time for the baking (it was just for a family dinner) so I got some of that frosting.  I chose caramel for my red velvet cake.  It wasn't bad for store-bought frosting.

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