Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Family Members

Saturday, M and I adopted a pup from a local pound.  He is thought to be a lab/shepard mix, is close to a year old, and we named him Nitro.  Why Nitro you ask?  He is a VERY spirited dog that likes to chew everything he can get his teeth on, and he loves to play.  Basically, he is ornary; he's so full of life.  M wanted to name him Cyclone (after ISU) which would've been very fitting, but Nitro just seemed like a much better name.  When my 4 year old nephew was asked for an idea for his name, he suggested Sally.  We laughed but decided we didn't want our dog to have gender issues.  Last night Nitro got ahold of a box with a few full beer cans in it that somehow got left on the porch.  Nitro found it, emptied the cans out of the box, and left bits and pieces of the box on the porch and grass.  He's a lil scoot!

Our second new family member is the goldfish I got yesterday.  He his orange and white.  We were trying to think of names, and M first came up with orangey (very original).  Then, we decided on O.J. (like orange juice), and M proceeded to add "Simpson" to O.J.'s name.  He's a gold fish, so there's nothing too exciting about him, but it is still nice to have a lil goldfish.

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