Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 Day Anniversary

Well, M and I have been married for ten days now, and we haven't gotten sick of each other yet.

We are in our house and slowly moving things in a little at a time.  We slept the first couple of nights on an air mattress, but as soon as the electrical inspector OKed our house, we moved the bed and couch in.  I have never been so happy to have a mattress to sleep on.

Our wedding day was absolutly perfect; the good Lord was looking out for us.  The weather that day was perfect, whereas the day before and after were very windy and a little rainy.  There are so many beautiful pictures that family and friends took of us, and I am eager to see the photographer's pictures.  I will have to post a few at a later date.  The photographer just called... I'm going to go get our pictures right now!  She said they are on 7 CDs! lol

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