Friday, March 2, 2012

Johnny Cash and the Power Rangers

Have you ever played Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" and do "sign language" to the song?  I recently experienced, twice in the same day.  It is a BLAST!  It's not real sign language, you just make up your own movements through the song.  It reminds me of what the Happy Hands Club does in the movie "Napolean Dynamite."  I had fun doing it with a group of people, or maybe I'm just crazy.  Of course, I am easily amused!  Give it a try some time and make a comment about it.

I was asked to make a birthday cake for a 6 year old.  He requested a rainbow cake with something Power Rangers on top.  Well, as fascinated as I am with cake decorating (I hope to get much better), I still have a lot to learn about it, so my skills are very basic.  When it comes to rainbow cake, I LOVE making them!  I have the technique down pretty well; I just need to work on the pop recipe more.  (The pop recipe makes tends to make the cake fall apart easily)  Anyways, the little man got a rainbow cake and cupcakes.  I did the lightning bolt from the logo and surrounded it with "Happy Birthday" like the logo.  His favorite Power Ranger is red, hence the reason the cake is red.  The cupcakes I frosted with the colors of the Power Rangers (NOTE: PRs have changed so much since I was a child, gold is currently one of them not black).  Since I didn't have anything edible that is gold, they told me I could just use black.  The cupcakes dont' have all six colors in the batter, they have two to three colors.  It is hard enough to get three colors in without using too much batter.  FYI the black scribble is the birthday boy's name scratched out.  Happy baking!

Blue, Red, Pink, Black, Yellow, Green Power Rangers cupcakes

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