Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Room With A View

Pantry cupboad to hold YY's books.
This little lamb is great!  It makes four different noises: heart beat, rain, ocean, and whale, and it has a timer.  We use the heart beat at bedtime.
I am apparently on a roll today (as far as posting goes)!  I thought I would share some pictures of YY's room.  We didn't know if we were having a boy or girl, so we wanted a theme that was gender neutral (#1- didn't know the gender, #2- we will eventually have one or two other children sharing that room with YY), fun, and something that would grow with our children.  We went with outerspace!  You will notice a spaceship with a tiny blurred Cat in the Hat.  The planets (which includes Pluto), constellations (labeled until we have them memorized), stars on the dresser, and moons and stars on the ceiling all glow in the dark.
Man on the moon.  I thought about Americana theme as well, so I combined the two themes.
Outerspace just isn't complete without aliens.
Most of the murial.  Yes, until mid-September we had concrete floors in our house.
We changed the color.  In the book it is red and white.
The rest of the murial.

You will see a desk lamp that we use at night if we have to get up with YY.   We make homemade baby wipes.  There are toys, clothes, lotion, soap, etc. in the containers and baskets.  Some are still empty, but I'm sure we will fill them as time goes on.  Since we have a huge shop connected to our house, we move clothes, diapers, etc. into storage in the shop as he grows out of things; I'm currently in process of doing this which is why some things are just out of place.  I still have the baby shower guest book (an outerspace scrapbook page), picture frame, and shadow box to hang.  The piggy bank came from a craft store.  I bought scrapbooking stickers to put YY's name on it, as well as some star stickers.  I use the space under the crib for storing things like current diapers, etc.  Since I had no idea what brand to buy for diapers, I started buying different brands with coupons while I was still pregnant.

FYI I am having issues getting the pictures to format how I want them to and put them where I want to, which is why they aren't in a very organized manner.  Maybe it's just the blogger rather than the blog.  I just thought I would share.  :)

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