Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our First Christmas

We had a great first Christmas!  Santa brought M two movies ("A Christmas Story" and "Elf") and a new game for the Wii ("Cabela's Outdoor Adventures").  Some how his sister new Santa was bringing him that game because she got mike the orange Cablela's gun that goes with it.  Santa brought me an upright KITCHENAID white mixer.  I needed any excuse I could find to use it that day, so we invited some people over that evening and made homemade buttermilk pancakes with it and cooked some bacon.  Yummy!  We recieved some other wonderful gifts from our families, including a rusty star to put on our house, and a nice brown sweater for myself.  We got some hygeine stuff in our stockings, so they must think we smell bad or something. lol Just kidding.  It's actually a good idea I think!  You gotta have deoderant, Q-tips, etc. anyways so why not use 'em as a stocking stuffer so that people don't have to go buy more when they run out.  I think I now have a like a 2-year supply of body wash that has been given to me (either as a stocking stuffer or just because they didn't want it); that's great because that's one less thing I have to buy.  We are poor and trying to save money anyways, so why not?!
M smoked a salmon that he took to my family's x-mas.  Everybody that tried it said that it was good.  I'm a picky eater so I didn't try it, but it sure did smell good!  I'd like for him to smoke me some cheese sometime, then I could have and endless supply of smoked cheese.  Mmmmmm....

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