Thursday, April 7, 2011

Waiting on M (from his wife's perspective)

The original version of this poem was recited by the actor who played Cody Lambert in the movie "8 Seconds."  I LOVE the poem (and the movie), so I've tweeked it to fit my needs.  I promise you, it isn't very good.  If you have something better, feel free to share.  We would love to read them.  Those of you that know us personally may be able to come up with something very clever!

I've been waiting on M
Ever since I recall
I started in April
And its coming on fall
I have me a bite
I think "I love you"
I get me some shuteye
I have me a 'Dew
Someone's lit a fire for him to go put out
Someone wanting him to build something
He's having himself a brew
Or he's on the dang phone
But I'll keep on waiting
Though I ain't pleased
Cause my husband
Has got the house keys

Does anybody else have a small house full of seeds that they've started?  We do.  There isn't a good place to put things or to cook because the seeds for our first garden are in the way.  Oh how I can't wait to get outside and start planting!  I am going to plant our lettuce and spinach in a big flower pot, and if we are lucky, it will keep producing all summer long without having to replant.  I am VERY excited to plant some flowers.  I will eventually have a few flower beds, but not until we get the grass fixed up better (we have to plant grass seed this year).  However, Mike and I agreed that I could do one flower bed this year at the end of the driveway.  I plan to put a bunch of perennials in it, along with chives and oregano.  I have a few bulbs already!  What makes it more exciting is that we are going to dig up some peonies from my grandma's house; my grandma originally dug those peony bushes up from her parent's farm.  Where they used to live is now pasture and run down farm buildings, but there is still one or two small peony bushes there.  I am very excited to have this piece of my family heritage at my house, forever.  Some day, I will give them to my own kids.  I wish I knew the exact year great-grandma planted them; it could easily be a 70 year old plant.  My grandma might have known at one point, but she has Alzheimers and lives in a care center.  Oh how the simple things in life makes life so great!

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